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Welcome to the Emerging Sustainability ‘collaborative portal’: a forum for researchers and practitioners working for sustainability. It is a place for building new tools - and rediscovering old ones – that can facilitate the ‘emergence of sustainability’ from the bottom up. 

The portal grew from the ‘Emerging Sustainability’ project, part of the EPSRC-funded ‘Network on Emergence and Complexity’ (EmergeNet).  Click here for details of EmergeNet.

Sustainability can emerge as a property of complex social organisations and networks (communities, institutions, regions…) working cooperatively. New ideas for creating ‘experimental environments’ to achieve this are needed. Some may come from the disciplines of emergence and complexity, and many more exist in other spheres of thought and practice. This website provides space for these ideas to grow – by sharing tools, knowledge and understanding, comparing conceptual frameworks and research methods, and debating disagreements.

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If you have an idea for an article, we would welcome your contribution; if you want to discuss an idea for a piece of writing, please either write on the forum or contact: j [dot] wilby [at] hull [dot] ac [dot] uk

This project began with a team of leading complexity researchers from seven UK universities. This team [listed at the bottom of this page] shares a passion for learning about self-organisation and emergence in communities and institutions managing their own sustainability agendas. The team are here on the portal, working to:

·     Build the site’s network of researchers and practitioners

·     Reflect on the methods, tools and ideas that the portal develops

·     Critically review the use of open source technology as a way to support research in sustainability and complexity

This site is built on Drupal, an open source web technology.  The choice of open source reflects the ethos of the Emerging Sustainability project: providing a space for building a shared knowledge platform, a place where a community of practice can evolve around complexity and sustainability.