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A group of MArch Students from the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield did a research project in collaboration with A4A, the Built Environment Charity. (www.a-4-a.org) exploring the use of human urine in mud brick construction. The project, was a Live Project, a strategic project where postgraduate students work with real people in real time on real issues.


<Urine Book Cover>

The research and the outcomes of the project are described in a limited edition book.

pdfs of the boolet are available here:

background research:





A blog about the projec is available at http://01liveproject07.wordpress.com/

The authors, illustrators and researchers for this project are: Sarah Considine, Tomas Kangro, James Kenyon, Hannah Lambert, Yan Lau, Joseph Mackey, Stuart McGrath, Bea Munby, David Rozwadowski, Kenji Shermer, Adam Towle, Toby Wincer - Tutor: Professor Jeremy Till