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Emerging Sustainability

Collaborative Portal

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To view the work of this EPSRC-funded project on Emerging Sustainability, click on one these themes:
complexity and emergence, emerging sustainability, the built environment, health, learning and education, transition towns, regeneration, urban water systems, the open source research methodology.

And for more information and how to sign up, please visit the About the Portal page.

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Site News

Between 2009-2010 students on the UCL MSc Environmental Systems Engineering worked with the London Borough of Camden to rediscover the lost Rivers Fleet, Tyburn and Kilburn and propose options for rev
Posted by:  sarahjaynebell
Waterborne sanitation systems built around flushing toilets and sewers are reaching the limits of sustainability.
Posted by:  sarahjaynebell
The Portland Works project will be presented at the
Posted by:  cerulli

Articles & Wikis

A group of MArch Students from the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield did a research project in collaboration with A4A, the Built Environment Charity.

Posted by:  cerulli

A team from Stanford University Fertiloo developed an affordable compost latrine that provides Kenyan farmers with access to improved sanitation while offering a safe and easy way to contain thei

Posted by:  cerulli

With a growing global population and a rising global temperature, there is likely to be reduced water availability.  Peoples’ needs and demands for water use are multifaceted and there is an i

Posted by:  Candice

Still thinking about these pesky inter-/trans-disciplinary matters...

Posted by:  robindurie

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